BOXING: Coaching young people through boxing


Inflatable rings and trampolines have occupied the Aline Hanson School playground at Sandy Ground for the past week. In turn, students from different primary classes were able to learn boxing. “This is a USEP project with the school. We introduce them to an innovative sport every month. This is boxing, next month we are going to do yoga. The objective is to give students a taste for school and motivation, through disciplines other than those they already know (basketball, football, etc.). We are happy when the coaches detect talents. ”Says Jérôme Carlet, CM2 school teacher, and USEP representative of the Aline Hanson school.

" Talents ? Here alone I have discovered about fifty! I would love to have them in a club! That's why I'm working to open a boxing school on Sandy Ground ”explains Philippe Arrendel, former professional boxer and founder of the Abcintersports club. Holder of a state certificate, he develops with USEP the activity in schools, colleges and high schools of the island. Its goal: to supervise young people.

"Boxing teaches them to have a certain confidence in themselves, respect for their opponent, and to control their aggressiveness" he continues. Learning to box is learning to respect the rules: “it's not just a fight. Educational boxing is very strict in terms of refereeing. We don't have the right to strike very hard, we have to hit them. We teach them fair play: greet their opponent, touch their gloves ... After the fight we kiss with professional boxers. When children learn the rules, they don't fight anymore. " (More details on


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