BOXING / ABC INTERSPORT: Boxing resumes its rights at the Albéric Richards stadium!


Philippe Arrendel and the members of the ABC Intersport club are proud to welcome today, the professional boxer, Manny Biqué, in training camp in Saint-Martin, for his next fight planned in Germany.

The ABC Intersport club takes the opportunity to announce the official resumption of training at the Albéric Richards stadium: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18 p.m. for adults and Wednesday and Friday from 15 p.m. to 17 p.m. for young people aged 18/7 to 8 years.

To all those who see in boxing, also called noble art, a practice of brute, Philippe, the coach, takes all his time to explain to them that it is nothing, quite the contrary. "It's even a school

of life." He explains how dozens of kids from Saint-Martin get to know the rules and respect here every week. “It is an extension of everyday life, from school to parent education. "

Philippe always wondered what he could do for young people. His answer goes through boxing. His passion as a support, he shares his values. His first goal? "Make them arrive on time". Then there is respect for the rules and for the opponent.

Philippe Arrendel is there to instill values, to emphasize the concept of effort. Boxing is indeed a school of life. _AF

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