Blockage of the Collectivity: Negotiations with the Union 978 union still at a standstill


In a press release, the President, Daniel Gibbs wishes to inform the population of the blocking situation still in progress, as of Monday July 26, 2021, despite 5 attempts to negotiate with the union Unit 978, at the origin of this blockage.

This situation affects, above all, the population of Saint-Martinoise and the right of territorial agents to access their workstation.

During these four weeks, and with the support of his elected officials, the president has never ceased to call for a constructive and peaceful dialogue, to get out of this conflict which has become sterile and politicized.

Despite this call for discussion and a sincere and renewed desire to settle this conflict, obstacles, and two intrusions into working meetings, have multiplied, depriving citizens of the continuity of public service and agents of their workstation. . At the same time, trade union prerogatives were overridden, in particular by ordering the departure of a local civil servant.

In a letter addressed to the union on Saturday July 24, 2021, the President once again requested the lifting, from Monday July 26, 2021 at 8:00 a.m., of any blockage of public services, and in particular the roadblock illegally obstructing access to the street. Victor Maurasse, in front of the Hôtel de la Collectivité. Lockouts still in progress at this time.

Despite this prejudicial situation, President Gibbs surrounded by 6 elected officials, agreed to meet the Unit delegation, this Monday, July 26. The meeting started at 9:50 a.m. and ended at 10:50 a.m.

Faced with the refusal to enter into a dialogue on the claims relating to territorial agents and the maintenance of the blockages affirmed by Unit 978, the discussion was once again unsuccessful. The president took note of this.

The President and his majority remain, more than ever, open to a respectful, demanding and rational social dialogue.

Negotiations will therefore resume as soon as possible with this trade union organization, when the rules and practices of social dialogue are respected.

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