Blockage / Daniel Gibbs: "I call for a return to calm and reason for the sponsors and direct actors"


For several days, our territory has been impacted by random dams whose perpetrators are unidentified at this time.

Groups of people who have not yet communicated any form of demand and have therefore not identified themselves commit acts of blocking and racketeering which generate a climate of the most anxiety.

I call for a return to calm and reason for the sponsors and direct actors.

The State, fully competent in the matter, is responsible for security in this territory: it must ensure the security of persons, as well as the guarantee of public order.

I therefore stand alongside the Prefect GOUTEYRON for a return to calm and dialogue in a climate which must be rational and serene.

The impact of such acts is immensely negative on our social and economic fabric.

Beyond the damage to our infrastructure, the consequences on daily relations, including the education of young Saint-Martin from the blocked neighborhoods, are considerable: it is our entire society that suffers from this lack of dialogue.

Everyone's responsibility is engaged and I finally appeal to certain media which must remember that their role is to inform and not to stir up violence.

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