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How lucky we are to live on an island surrounded by such a beautiful ocean! We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of frolicking in the sea as its benefits for our health, for our form and for our well-being are multiple. Rather judge!

1-Spending time by the ocean makes us calmer, observing it, listening to the lapping of the waves, lounging in the water offers a peaceful break to our often over-stimulated brain. In addition, feeling this relief contributes to the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones of happiness. The negative ions of water act on the human organism bringing well-being and good physical balance.

2-Seawater is loaded with iodine essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland; iodine also promotes weight loss; one more reason to stroll by the sea!

3-The sea is rich in trace elements and mineral salts, sea water cleanses and improves our skin, it is perfect for healing wounds; salt water is a natural antiseptic, acne, cuts and internal inflammations are likely to heal faster by bathing every day.

4-Sea air is a wonderful ally of the respiratory tract, it improves breathing, it helps cleanse phlegm and toxins from the lungs. Sea air would also be very useful for asthmatics whose seizures would be reduced following a cure by the ocean.

5-Exercising in the sea improves arthritis and muscle pain very gently because in water there is no tension and impact that exist with sports sessions on land. Walking in water also improves blood circulation and refines the legs.

6-Salt water is rich in magnesium, magnesium contributes to the proper functioning of our cardiovascular system and our metabolism. Magnesium relaxes our muscles, relieves our nerves and reduces stress.

Keeping in mind that health and happiness are our vocations, let's spend several minutes each day by the ocean and take advantage of this nature that honors us so much!

Opt for sea bathing and breathe deeply!

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