Well-being / Anti-stress finger yoga: 6 express movements to immediately relax


Mudras are simple actions to calm anxieties. According to Ayurvedic medicine (traditional medicine, originating in India), our five fingers identify with Chakras.

To solve the small worries of everyday life, there are mudras that are easy to perform. They correspond to gestures of the fingers which promote the passage of energies in the body. In case of pressure at work or at home, perform the mudra in line with your concern to relieve yourself and escape the hassle. These small movements are practiced everywhere: at home, in the street, in a cafe or in the office.

thumb : it associates with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is connected to digestion, muscles and the sense of sight.

index: it coincides with the Heart Chakra in connection with breathing, lungs, heart, circulatory system, arms, hands and the sense of touch.

the major : it identifies with the Throat Chakra which connects with the throat, mouth, ears, hunger, thirst, weight issues and the sense of hearing.

the ring finger: it is characterized by the Root Chakra which corresponds to the skeleton, the immune system, the feet, the legs and the sense of smell.

the little finger: it is equivalent to the Sacral Chakra which brings together the overall control of the body's senses.

Teleworking, home schooling, preparing food, tidying up ... during the period of confinement or curfew, stress quickly sets in in homes. Being locked up at the end of the day and evening does not help calm anxieties. Through finger yoga, learn to refocus positive energies in your mind and body.

An example with the mudra of prayer or "Atmanjali Mudra ”. Easy to do, you just need to position your two hands, palm against palm, vertically. Gradually slow down your breathing and start thinking about several things: “What is most important to me now?”, “And in the future?”, “What gives me joy? ". In addition to this mudra, numerous movements of the fingers soothe pressure or even fleeting fears.

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