Beach-Tennis / Halloween party (October 31): witches, ghosts and little monsters already present on Orient Bay beach!


At the initiative of the Kakao Beach-Club, a "Special Halloween" beach tennis tournament took place last weekend on Orient Bay beach in the presence of many ghosts, monsters and witches already.  well sharpened to celebrate, as it should be, Halloween, a holiday now rooted in traditions around the world!

Until the fateful date, many children took part with real determination and motivation in the tournament organized by the Kakao Beach-Club.

After two hours of frenzied parties, witches, ghosts and monsters of all kinds left the stage (note: the beach) to meet around a snack offered by the parents and the Kakao Beach-Club.

The organizers take the opportunity to thank the volunteers and "Kreoly Bijoux", who contributed to the great success of the event! Thank you all!  _AF

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