BEACH TENNIS / FCBT: A new international tournament that promises to be grand! 


07-11-16-fcbtThe Friendly Caribbean Beach-Tennis (FCBT) is organizing, in partnership with the Bank of the French West Indies (BDAF) and the support of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office, its 3rd international Beach-Tennis tournament, which will take place on November 9 at the Palm Beach restaurant, located at Orient Bay.

Supported since last year by the French champion, Régis Courtois in the organization of tournaments, the FCBT was able to offer high-level courses to its players but also to professionals from Reunion, Russia, Porto- Rico and Brazil.

These different courses and the upcoming tournament will allow FCBT members to refine their preparation for their participation in the biggest tournament in the world organized in Aruba next week.

Until this big deadline, Saint-Martin remains an important stage of Caribbean Beach-Tennis and the American continent.

Meet at 13 p.m. on the sand of Palm Beach, guaranteed spectacle! _AF

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