Beach Rugby / Archiball Tournament: Meet on Sunday at Palm Beach!


The Archiball club is organizing a Beach Rugby tournament this Sunday, November 28. Guaranteed atmosphere! 

Men, women, teenagers, children, connoisseurs or neophytes, amateurs or just curious… everyone can try their hand at Beach Rugby and immerse themselves in the fun and festive atmosphere specific to the “Beach” spirit. A fun sport with simple rules that are easy to learn, without tackling or scrum, Beach Rugby is very accessible and its practice presents no risk, since it is enough to put your hands on the opponent to stop it. For all these reasons, Beach Rugby is suitable for children as well as parents as well as people who do not participate in regular sports activities.

Appointment this Sunday on the beach of Palm Beach at 10 am for the kickoff of the tournament of Archiball placed as every year under the sign of conviviality! _AF


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