School fights: a working group has been formed


The Sint Maarten police, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor's Office, formed a working group on Monday, September 30, in order to reduce the number of fights at the exit of educational establishments. This special team is made up of staff from the police, the prosecution, community police and the minors' department.

Informing and educating parents and the population of their role and responsibility during fights at school exits, meeting government institutions, these will be some of the objectives of this working group. The police are aware of the increase in the number of fights that take place during this school year and want to send a serious warning to all students, but also to parents, that there will be serious consequences as a result. such actions. The “Zero Tolerance” policy will be applied with regard to gang fights and school leaving, so parents are asked to get involved against this growing problem.

The police do not want to be in hostile situations with minors, but they will not hesitate if it becomes necessary and if the interests of public order and security require it._RM

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