AXUM Café: a truly special place…


If you are not already familiar with Axum Café, it may be time to fix it. The place is adorable, the hospitality perfect and the cultural program really rich and varied. 

A very small door at the end of a street in Philipsburg, a discreet sign, if we are not careful, we could miss it and what a loss it would be!

Axum is an association that is developing slowly but surely. The team knows its job and offers us sweet and enriching evenings, a little paradise. Without saying more, here is the program for the start of the cultural season at Axum Café.

Friday 5: smooth jazz fusion

Saturday October 6: afro latin jazz

A poster with little onions for those who already know these musicians!

Note that the concerts start at 21 p.m., tickets are on sale on site. $ 15 or $ 20 for the two evenings.

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Axum Cafe 

Front Street, near the Diamond Casino

Tel: +1 721-542-0547

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