Axum Café: the art of the island in the spotlight


Save the date: two dates to remember this month at Axum Café in Philipsburg, on Frontstreet, a place dedicated to art where many events are organized by Ménélik Arnell. Florence Poirier-Nkpa will present her work on Thursday April 27 from 18 p.m. and will also participate on Saturday April 30 at the opening “Pile… Face & Versions” from 29 in the company of Cindy Choisy and Laurent Bayly. The three artists, founders of the well-known locally HeadMade Factory (HMF) collective worked on “a common theme with the aim of confronting their artistic approaches and research, creating emulation and bringing together their energy around the enhancement of the territory in which they live and evolve on a daily basis ”, specifies Florence Poirier-Nkpa.

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