AUTO: The use of used parts is now compulsory


Since January 1, 2017, garage owners must offer you a used spare part rather than a new one. But you are free to refuse.

The measure is intended to be economical and ecological. From now on, when maintaining or repairing your vehicle, you may prefer second-hand spare parts to new spare parts. This provision, provided for by the energy transition law of August 2015, came into force on January 1, 2017. All parts are not affected.

The garage owner can offer standard exchange parts which are refurbished second-hand parts and meet the same manufacturing, warranty and quality requirements as the original parts.

Only certain parts are affected

Only cars and vans are affected, not two-wheelers. The obligation to offer second-hand parts concerns only certain categories.

The client is free to accept or not

Professionals must inform their customers of the prices and conditions of sale of spare parts by a display or labeling. If they consider that they pose a risk to the environment, public health or road safety, they are not obliged to propose them. The customer is in any case free to accept or not the reuse piece.

However, if the trader does not allow the consumer to opt for the use of spare parts, he is liable to a fine of € 3000 for a natural person and € 15 for a legal person.

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