Australia: Frenchman arrested after climbing 55-story tower in Melbourne without harness


A Frenchman was arrested last Tuesday in Melbourne, Australia, after climbing a building without a safety harness.

The 29-year-old 'Spider-Man' attacked 60 A'Beckett Street, 163 meters high and 55 stories high. The young man was awaited by the police at the top of the building, while a drone filmed his ascent with live sharing on social networks. The police were alerted early in the morning and stationed themselves at the top of the building to receive the climber. The young man who was operating the drone was arrested a little later. He too would be a 25-year-old French national. Many onlookers gathered to observe this dangerous climb. “All the neighbors are outside, looking over the balcony, looking up. They can't believe he walked past their window,” confided a shopkeeper, as the Frenchman approached the top floors. The young man who climbed the facade with his bare hands, carrying just a bag of chalk, was escorted by Australian law enforcement. Asked by journalists the reason for this crazy attempt, the Frenchman retorted: “Just because I can”. A relative of the climber confirmed that the latter had acted “only for personal accomplishment and adrenaline”. A climbing specialist, who runs a school dedicated to the discipline in Australia, denounces the behavior of the French Spider-Man. “I find it a little sad that someone decided to do this and make a spectacle of it,” commented Aaron Lowndes. He points out that this “free” climbing remains very dangerous and that a fatal fall can have consequences for the public and loved ones. “When you think about this person’s family, the people they might leave behind, it’s painful.” The two men arrested in Melbourne are expected to be charged with "reckless driving endangering the lives of others, reckless driving likely to cause serious injury, common law public nuisance and entering private property without lawful reason."

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