ATHLETICS: Beautiful people expected on the slopes!


International meeting:  This Saturday, May 9, the 4th edition of the “Saint-Martin-Sint-Maarten International cooperation track meeting” will take place, at the Albéric Richards stadium.

The presence of the athletes appearing in the ranking of the 30 best athletes of the IAAF, added to that of the big names in the world such as the Dominican, Santos Luguelin, vice Olympic champion over 400m in 2012, the reigning European champion over 400m, Libania Grenot or the young Guadeloupe, Wilhem Belocian who has just smashed his personal best by signing 13''30 over 110 m hurdles should raise, more than the other editions, the plateau.

International competition (the program):

16:00 am 100 M. Hurdles International Women (Final)

16:10 am 110 M. Hurdles International Men

16:15 am Women's Triple Jump International

16:20 am 100 M. International Women (Final)

16:30 am 100 M. International Men (Final)

16:40 am 1000 M. Minimes Girls

16:50 am 1000 M. Minimes Boys  

17:00 am 400 Regional women

17:10 am 400 Regional men

17:20 am 400 M international Women

17:50 am 400 M. International Men     

18:00 am 2000 M walking

18:10 am 100M Handisport

18:20 am 200 M Minimes Girls

18:30 am 200 M Minimes Boys

18:40 am 200 M International Women

18:50 am 200 M. International Men

19:00 am Closure of the event

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