Insurance: Another 712 million euros to pay!


Seven months after the passage of Irma and a month and a half before the start of the next hurricane season, insurance companies still have to pay 712 million euros to their customers located in Saint-Martin, or 63% of the total indemnities due and estimated at 1,13 billion euros.

As of April 4, 418 million have been disbursed, indicates the French Insurance Federation (FFA). This represents an increase of 5,8% from the previous week. The rate of progress has been between 5 and 6% per week since mid-March; this average can increase significantly if large files - especially files concerning hotels or condominiums - are successful.

Today, "79% of the files received partial or total compensation," says Arnaud Chneiweiss, FFA general delegate. "87% of housing files received a deposit, 73% of automobile files, 88% of hotels and 74% of professionals," he said.

Although automobile files are quickly processed, the payment of compensation is often slowed down by the insured themselves; for example, if it has been confirmed that the insurance buys the car, the owner refuses to validate the process until he has acquired or found a new car.

In terms of housing, the situation is more complex. "In 90% of cases, the insured took an expert from the insured, which lengthens the processing time for the file," stresses Arnaud Chneiweiss again. The shortage of craftsmen and materials is also an obstacle, according to the FFA.

Arnaud Chneiweiss reiterates that "all the insurance companies are mobilized". Each week the amount of compensation paid is calculated and sent to the Overseas Ministry and the prefect Philippe Gustin who put some pressure to accelerate the pace of payments.


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