Insurance: what protection for students?


Optional or mandatory? For whom, and above all, for what? At the start of the school year, small point on school insurance.

The objective is simple: to guarantee the damage caused or suffered by your child. In practice, this particular protection includes a civil liability guarantee, which covers damage caused by the student, and personal accident protection in the event of damage suffered. The contract may also include additional risks such as theft or racketeering. As the French Federation of Insurance Companies specifies, “you are not obliged to insure your child for the activities provided for in the school program. On the other hand, optional insurance may be required by the establishment for ancillary activities, such as, for example, the canteen, supervised study or outings organized by the school ”. You can choose a contract offered by your insurer or by a parents' association. Prices generally start at around ten euros per year per child.

What you must remember

• School insurance is optional - but often recommended - for compulsory activities, in order to protect the student in the event of damage;

• it is compulsory for optional school activities (outings, trips, etc.);

• for extracurricular activities, the organizers may require that children be insured to participate._AF

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