ASSOCIATION: A beautiful raffle in the service of animals


Last Saturday, December 3, the Collectif Animaux SXM organized its first raffle for the benefit of the dogs of Saint-Martin. The members of the association have given a lot of energy to mobilize traders and the population, who have both responded with more than sixty prizes to be won and €2.300 in tickets sold.

The event took place at Le Garden restaurant in Cul-de-Sac: games, entertainment, blind-test, everything was planned to entertain the public eager to attend the raffle draw which offered various prizes including vouchers at various restaurants, pouches and caps, gift baskets, dog grooming, facials and massages, kite and surf lessons, a jet ski ride, a horseback ride, a helicopter ride and a flight initiation to piloting. At the price of €5 each, no less than 460 tombola tickets were sold for the benefit of the animals. Thanks to this, the association, which has been active for 8 months, has made it possible to pay numerous veterinary bills. After having participated tirelessly in all the sessions of the pound in 2022, the animal protection association of the island had to resign itself willy-nilly not to take part in the current one, for lack of means at the same time. human (volunteers, host families) and financial. The care of a single animal costs €330 despite the association tariffs.

Between identification, vaccination, passport, deworming, sterilization and testing for heartworm disease and tick fever which can be fatal and often turn out positive, the costs can be considerable. After the “gift or fate” action on Halloween night, a new collection of donations will be organized at Christmas in the Mont Vernon district, called “Les trennes du Collectif”. On November 30, after several weeks of hard administrative work, the association made its first request for a grant from the Collectivité, for €34.500, equivalent to the care of 100 dogs. While waiting for the response from officials, the members of the Collectif Animaux SXM have contacted the tax services of Guadeloupe in order to become a recognized association of general interest so that donors benefit from a tax reduction. The collective that helped save a hundred dogs in 2022 has no intention of stopping its momentum next year, and so much the better. To be continued… _Vx

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