ASSOCIATION & SPORT: Second edition of the VEISS Zumba this Saturday April 16 


Sport for a good cause, there's nothing like getting together for a zumba session at sunset to raise funds for the VEISS School Initiative project and fight against vitiligo. 

VEISS, Vitiligo Educate Inspire & Support SXM, is a non-profit association founded by Gerline Isaac in June 2021 whose main objective is to enable people living with vitiligo to become more confident while facing and overcoming the psychological traumas of living with this lifelong autoimmune disease. VEISS organizes informative programs, meetings, workshops, events, and campaigns that provide awareness support to people living with vitiligo and their families seeking to understand the condition. Vitiligo is a disease of the epidermis characterized by white spots, also called depigmentation, which appear and extend mainly to the face, extremities, joints and areas of friction. 70 million people in the world suffer from it, physically but also psychologically, with a large number of cases of isolated patients in great social anxiety and depression linked to the disease. The VEISS association has implemented two major projects since its recent creation. The first being the VEISS School Initiative project, which consists of intervening in the schools of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten with a view to educating and raising awareness among students in order to emphasize the strength of differences, transform minds and break down still very present stigmata of vitiligo. The second project of VEISS is to send two of its members to the annual vitiligo conference to be held in Minnesota from June 23 to 27, 2022. This gathering is an opportunity to acquire more knowledge from the specialized medical profession ( dermatologist, therapist), to share experiences and meet with patients with vitiligo in a safe place. To do this, the association is organizing a Zumba session to raise funds to cover travel costs and to prepare the logistics of the VEISS School Initiative project. After a great success of the first edition last October on Friar's Bay beach, the second Zumba fitness will take place at the Cocky Turtle Bar at Kimsha Beach on April 16 from 17:30 p.m. to 18:30 p.m. and led by Learie Hall, instructor of Zumba at the Fitness Hall of Fame. $20 for adults, $10 for children under 10 who will leave with a snack box. All participants will receive a limited edition “I DO NOT SEE COLOR I SEE LOVE!” bracelet. (“I don't see color, I see love”), which will allow them to obtain discounts on drinks on sale during the event. Registration for this important cause is open! _VX

Info: +1-721-5269241 – +59 06 90 38 77 99 –


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