ASSOCIATION: Four young people fly to the metropolis with Madtwoz family


Several young people from the Sandy Ground district will take part in a two-week trip to metropolitan France. 

Jérémy Watts, from the Madtwoz Family association, takes Wilson, 9 years old, Ledwin, 10 years old, Lichanel 11 years old and Britalia, 13 years old, for a stay in Marseille, Paris and icing on the cake: Disneyland Paris. “This action is financed by Secours Populaire,” explains Jérémy Watts. "We are going to participate in the 30th anniversary of Copains du monde". This movement aims to raise awareness of children's rights. Each year, it brings together children from all over the world. Our four young people will be the ambassadors of Saint-Martin. 

The children also held several cake sales. “It's a very good training for them because during the stay in mainland France, we will also have to set up a collection for the benefit of a good cause. So I teach them to express themselves, to approach people without being shy, but also to manage a small business”. 

Why them? “I think they deserve it. They don't always have a child's life… Some work during the holidays to make some pocket money. Others have no activity other than riding their bikes or sitting in front of their homes. With this trip, I want to show them how other children have fun”. 

Jérémy also sees in the longer term and he has ambition for his protégés. “If they want to go and study in mainland France later, they will already have this experience. It shows them that it is possible. And I hope they will make friends with the other children present. And even if the association has experienced difficulties from which it is struggling to recover, Jérémy Watts does not give up to make Sandy Ground a better place for the young people who grow up there. “With this kind of trip, we have created a bridge between the neighborhood and the rest of the world”. 

The association always has plenty of great projects. On All Saints' Day, Jérémy wants to organize "The Forgotten Holidays". The idea is to organize activities over several days for children who have not had the chance to go on vacation during the summer. “I am looking for people of good will to help us or to suggest activities”. The goal is to make it an annual event. The delegation takes off this Friday, August 5th. We wish them bon voyage and an excellent birthday to Wilson, who will celebrate his nineth birthday in Paris. _pc

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