ASSOCIATION / Métimer: new office, new lease of life


On May 16, the Métimer association elected the members of its new board of directors, giving a second wind to this structure which has built a fine reputation thanks to the old office.

After three years managed by the same team of enthusiasts, Métimer is now in the hands of young people: “It was time to turn the page and I am delighted with this change” confided Béatrice Wojcik who is giving up her place as president, “it is a new lease of life on Métimer with lots of new ideas and I wish them great success.” She also wanted to thank Matt Balege, her successor: “Having been captain on the emblematic Scoobitoo, Matt knows the nautical environment and the territory well, he will be surrounded by a very dynamic team”. The boss of Carribean Marines and new president of the association is ready for the collision: “We are going to take over from Béatrice who did an incredible job in relieving Métimer. We are determined to do as much as possible to help develop boating, it was the moment not to give up. I am happy to be with young people and experienced people to continue the projects, bring new ideas and move forward on local issues.” Good winds and good seas to the new CA of Métimer.  _VX


Board of Directors 2024 by Métimer

President : Matt Balege (Caribbean Marines)

Vice-president: Johan Pidoux (Captain Jo)

Treasurer: Valérie Leroy (Island Water World)

Secretary : Oswen Corbel (Carribean Paddling)

Advise : Emmanuel Demanez (Wind Adventures)

Advise : Vetea Kerdraon (Blue Pelican Boat Charter)

Advise : Pierre-François Héricour (B52 Vite Surf School)

Baptiste Cadieu takes over the position of coordinator masterfully held by Alexina Paya since November 2016.


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