Association - Tilt's fabtruck is back on the road this summer in Saint-Martin!


Studious vacation for Tilt and his fabtruck. This summer, the association entrusted the keys of the “truck of good combinations” to the service of Saint-Martinois to Laure Lambert, 23 years old, fabmanager. Responsible for a fab lab “Innov'lab d'Expleo” in Toulouse, she arrived this week in Saint-Martin where she set out to carry out Tilt's summer program and its voluntary missions in the service of the population.

Tilt was created after cyclone Irma to offer simple solutions, applicable by all, to make populations more autonomous in the face of cyclonic risks.

In the wake of the workshops set up in 2018, Tilt will address this year to young people and in particular children from day camps. A first workshop will be organized this Wednesday. Children will be introduced to the use of 3D printers and the manufacture of simple objects, useful in the event of cyclones.

Assisted by Faty, resident of the island and volunteer of the association, Laure should put  also the know-how of the association and its technological innovations at the service of hospitals, firefighters and other public services to manufacture at low cost and easily the parts they may need.

Recently, Tilt was called upon by boating professionals to test the manufacture of small, hard-to-find boat parts, such as deck accessories.

Finally, the association plans to make a Do It Your Self kit available to local merchants and distribution points. It would consist of tutorials and instructions for building oneself of basic necessities in the event of a cyclonic emergency: desalinator, auxiliary air conditioner, stove, lamp etc. This kit would also offer a list of materials to buy and places to find this simple and economical material.

What is a fablab?

The Saint-Martin fab lab aims to strengthen the ability of residents to innovate. This unique fablab in the Caribbean has vocation  in particular to raise awareness and support the population in anticipating and managing natural disasters.

Strengthening the resilience of populations, providing the means to become makers, developing DIY, are some of Tilt's ambitions.

The Fablab also supports start-ups and supports young entrepreneurs in Saint-Martin. It is open to everyone, creators, designers, craftsmen or simply curious and DIY enthusiasts. The fablab is also and above all a place of conviviality to meet, support, work and discuss and a community  to use collective intelligence, creativity and collective know-how.

  We propose:

Introduction to the use of numerically controlled tools and machines (3D printer, laser cutting, milling machine, etc.)

Support to become a Maker

DIY workshops

Workshops dedicated to recycling waste

Low tech workshops

Internships and training in wood, metal, etc. to learn how to repair, renovate, and develop employability

Educational and extra-curricular activities for the smallest and the oldest.

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