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As part of International Women's Rights Day, ALEFPA – Le Manteau de Saint-Martin organized a vernissage at La Samanna, preamble to the charity evening that will take place this evening at the Terrasse in Marigot.

For this fifth edition, the association ALEFPA – Le Manteau de Saint-Martin, under the direction of Audrey Gil, is offering a Fan d'Elle evening entitled “Let Me Shine” in order to make women shine, and rightly so. Since its merger with the national network of Secular Associations for Education, Training, Prevention and Autonomy (ALEFPA), the Le Manteau association has continued to act in the care of people in precarious situations, with primarily women and children. As a preview of this evening's charity evening, an art exhibition was held in the Pavillon de la Samanna in Terres Basses, presenting the works painted by several artists present at the opening: Audrey Claxton who discovered art in loneliness. Child of the territory in lack of extracurricular activities, it is in Guadeloupe that Audrey learned to master the techniques during studies of plastic arts which she followed in secret, in parallel with her studies at the university.

The woman is at the center of all her works, four of which were exhibited last Wednesday: “If each woman knew who she is in depth, nothing could stop her”. Magali Crecel, of Martinican origin, flourishes in this mode of artistic expression that is painting, representing women in a personal way. Adults with autism from the Abri Montagnard living center have produced many works, some of which reveal a particular talent in the field of contemporary art. A fourth artist was added at the last minute, namely Gémie Landre, who was exhibiting her very first painting: "This represented woman who does not belong to any ethnic group and facing the troubles of life proudly and courageously wears her polychrome crown and gold, by pushing a strong and universal cry "Let me shine!" "". Martine Beldor, in charge of associative life at the Collectivity, and Fabien Sésé, Secretary General at the Prefecture, both recalled the unwavering support of the institutions for equal rights and the fight against violence against women, a subject whose particularly holds Vincent Berton, Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands. This Friday, March 10, from 19 p.m. at La Terrasse restaurant in Marigot, the charity evening, hosted by DJ Patrice, will be punctuated by an adult fashion show, a cabaret dance show and the highlight of the show, all the works exhibited at the Samanna will be put up for silent auction at attractive prices for the benefit of the association. _VX

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