ASSOCIATION: Great success of the ACS ZEPIN guided cultural hike in Grand-Case and its surroundings


The hike organized by the ACS ZEPIN (Cultural and Sports Association) began with a visit to the educational farm Oualichi Farm, whose tenants, Rose and Bruno were waiting for the participants for the explanation on the particularities of the different animal and plant species, which make the authenticity of this place.

Then began the said guided hike. All along the route, hikers learned more about the place called "Anse Marcel" and Grand-Case with its flora and fauna. The abundance of butterflies in this wintering season has made it possible to acquire more knowledge of common species such as pierids.

At the end of this beautiful moment of discovery, the cultural and sports association ZEPIN served the fifty or so walkers a traditional breakfast of yesteryear, accompanied  bush tea, the preparation of which has been developed to soothe possible aches after walking. A quiz followed which further reinforced the fun aspect of this outing. Many participants have received gifts prepared by the association highlighting in different recipes, seasonal fruits for the period. The emphasis on these taste preparations gave the note to the promotion of culture and well-being.

The President of ACS ZEPIN, Xavier MIRRE-MINORI thanks Kendo for the reception area dedicated to the reception of hikers for the friendly breakfast, the members, sympathizers and volunteers Sylvie, Leen-Maud, Françoise, Nadine, Annette, Tina, Léonard, Pitou, Nicolas for the supervision, reception and set-up, as well as Jerry from the Team Alpha association for his logistical assistance, the floral shop La case Abaka, sponsor for the Bruyère du Cap lot. Open to all audiences, ACS ZEPIN continues its activities for the month of November by offering its seventh edition "guided cultural tour of historic sites" with anecdotes on Sunday November 27, 2022.

A great hike that will allow many people to discover the history of the island, its architecture and its cultures. To do absolutely! _AF

Infoline: 0690-369-620 or Facebook ACS ZEPIN Saint Martin

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