ART-THERAPY: The artistic possibilities of everyone multiply tenfold, increase our senses, our capacities for a better being


In cases of incapacity, linked to suffering, Art is used for therapeutic purposes. In Art-Therapy, art is valued and helps us overcome our disabilities.

Art therapists, we can listen, observe, accompany the person with their disability, their discomfort, their state of sensitivity, their illness, their bereavement… their anxieties.

workshops and  exercises to learn to let go are offered  to manage to no longer be overwhelmed by the constraints of everyday life, in the form of artistic achievements, such as:


the painting

the sculpture

the drawing

The Art of Philosophy and Aesthetics


the picture, etc.

Make oneself  hear, find  self-esteem, self-confidence, finding  an art of living without borders,  for better  health, such is the health objective of Art-Therapy.

I offer Art-Therapy workshops home. My workshops last 1h15

Cost: €35 per session, travel: €5


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