LOCAL ART - RECYCLING: Recycle Art SXM, the art of stimulating the circular economy


The goal of Recycle Art SXM is simple: to contribute to a more sustainable society, both environmental and social. To do this, reduce waste, by collecting and reusing it instead of letting it end up in the landfill, and creating jobs, training and volunteering opportunities for people marginalized in the labor market.

At the head of Recycle Art SXM, Nascha Kagie, who since January 2020 has been leading his boat in a spirit of Cradle to Cradle (literally translated as “from cradle to cradle” and abbreviated as “C2C”). Cradle to Cradle is an ecological precept with the objective of creating products with an infinite life cycle and which can therefore be used indefinitely, with an ecological requirement whose principle is zero pollution and 100% reused. The most important feature of a product matching the Cradle to Cradle system is that all of its components are recyclable. Thus, organic waste is 100% biodegradable while technical waste must be dismantled into spare parts so that it can be reused in industry. In order to be fully recyclable, Cradle to Cradle products must be manufactured with a process following this model.

To move towards a more sustainable model, we must therefore think before acting. The term Cradle to Cradle can also be equated with "eco-efficiency" and was coined by German chemist Michael Braungart and American industrialist William McDonough. In this ecological approach with recycled materials and handcrafted on the island, Recycle Art SXM offers personalized panels, illustrated coasters, creative lamps with license plates, decorative objects, plastic trays. wood adorned with carved pelicans, banner bags, tote bags, and more. And if you have precious materials that you no longer need, donate them to Recycle Art SXM, they will come and get them for free… to give them another life. _Vx

Info: +1 721-554-8737 - Email: recycleartsxm@gmail.com

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