Art / Exhibition: "Irma Tes Mosera" An exhibition, two artists, two places


The artists Tes and Mosera invite us to discover their joint exhibition “Irma Tes Mosera” which will take place at the Axum Art Café and at the Artcraftcafé Gallery in Phlipsburg this Sunday at 19pm. It is a strong symbol: on St-Martin's Day, these artists will offer us their interpretation of the “Irma” phenomenon.

Seize the elusive

First of all, it is the feeling of helplessness that one feels in the face of the scale of such fury, a very human feeling, shared by all in the aftermath of the disaster. Through their works, Tes and Mosera indeed try to capture this elusive phenomenon mixing fear, loss, survival, courage…

2 artists

The style of artist Tes is reminiscent of that of the 70s and 80s and inspired by peace and love which try to heal the nourishing Earth from the scourge of human overactivity. She works with different materials: resins, stained glass, etc.

Mosera, meanwhile, is fascinated by the omnipotence of Irma: license to destroy, kill and maim with intensity beyond the imaginable. His fear is to want to pay him a tribute, almost romantic, through human interactions. He paints with a free contemporary approach. The techniques used for this series are mainly acrylic, collage and gold leaf on canvas ... all sprinkled with subtle humor.

"In short, our interpretation consists in adding a little light to this immense experience" according to the artists. An opportunity for everyone, perhaps, to make peace with this traumatic event. _AV

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