Army: deployment of a 33rd RIMa combat company


Recently, nearly 90 soldiers, 3 P4 light all-terrain vehicles, 3 GBC tactical vehicles and 2 TRM 2000 tactical transport trucks from the 2nd company of the 33rd Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMa) departed from Fort-de-France on board the light transport vessel (BATRAL) Dumont d'Urville. They will join Guadeloupe and the islands of Marie-Galante, Saintes and Désirade for a deployment of more than 3 weeks.

The 33rd RIMa constitutes an intervention capacity of the armed forces in the Antilles (FAA) on all of the French Caribbean islands and, if necessary, beyond. It is therefore intended to be screened on very short notice anywhere in the region in order to contribute to the primary mission of the FAA: to ensure the defense of French interests and the protection of its nationals on the national territory and in all of their Antilles / Guyana permanent area of ​​responsibility.

This 3-week campaign is part of the activities of the 33rd RIMa, under the FAA.

More specifically, it aims to:

- updating knowledge of the island with a view to an emergency evacuation of the population in the event of a natural disaster for example (bivouac places, re-articulation zones, axes, etc.);

- ensure the aptitude for the projection of forces, maintain life in the countryside in the Caribbean environment and participate in their maintenance in operational condition through physical and recognition tests carried out day and night;

- establish or maintain contact with local political or administrative authorities and with the population;

- keep the memory alive and maintain the army-nation bond by participating in particular in patriotic ceremonies and by contributing to activities of general interest. _AF


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