Learn to let go with Isabelle Garceau


Letting go or the art of not controlling everything. An attitude that is not so easy to put into practice. If you want to find calm and serenity, the next workshop scheduled at La Plénitude in Friar's bay should please you. Isabelle Garceau, therapist in particular in shamanic care, will lead a session entitled “The awakening of the senses, an ecstatic journey” on February 11 and 12, from 9 am to 17 pm. “Facilitator of rituals, dance, personal growth workshops and drum circles”, the Quebec therapist explains that she takes pleasure “in creating sacred, safe spaces, where each participant can touch their authenticity, their strength. , its vulnerability and its beauty ”. For more information, please contact Séverine Sannom: 06 90 22 65 10 - sannom.severine@gmail.com. _EH

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