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On the occasion of its Educational City label, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the National Education Services of the Northern Islands and the Prefecture are launching a call for projects for the current year, open until October 21, 2022. .

For thirty years, inequalities of destiny have progressed in our country. Depending on the place of birth, the family, the school attended, the chances of success are not the same. The Educational Cities therefore aim to bring together all the actors of the educational community around the school to improve the conditions of education in the priority neighborhoods of the city policy. They aim to intensify educational support for children and young people aged 0 to 25, from birth to professional integration, before, during and after school.

The “Educational City” label of excellence is first and foremost the recognition of the educational ambition of the territory. It rewards collaborative work between services of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, National Education and the Prefecture to deploy more public human and financial resources in a coordinated manner in a neighborhood with a low mix, which combines many socio-economic difficulties. educational and an overall risk of dropping out. It is also the recognition of the determination of these same services, to make education a priority shared by all the actors of the territory, in the service of the academic and professional success of children and young people.

The “Educational City” project revolves around three axes:

  • reinforce the role of the school and academic success by strengthening pedagogical innovation or seeking a better social and academic mix;
  • ensure educational continuity during extracurricular time, in particular by strengthening the socialization of children and facilitating the involvement of parents;
  • open the field of possibilities by discovering training courses and the world of work or helping young people without qualifications to find work.

The Educational City of Saint-Martin has dedicated financial and human resources from the State and National Education representing more than one million euros over three years.

The complete file for the 2022 call for projects is already available on the websites of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, National Education and the prefecture of Saint-Barthélemy Saint-Martin


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