Anguilla: "Living in the Sun", the dance music festival that promises!


“Living in the Sun” is the first festival of its kind to be organized by Sandy Island Enterprises in collaboration with the Anguilla Tourist Office which will be held from November 11 to 13.

The “Living in the Sun” music festival will begin on Friday 11 November from 18 pm to 21 pm with the VIP evening inspired by the Greek Sun God “Helios” organized by the Resort Reef Hotel. DJs Patrice Gero from France, Jimmy Sax from St Barth, Spirits in Motion NYC & Sugar from Anguilla will provide the entertainment!

A spectacular launch party and a “Light up the Night” light show will then take place at the Anguilla Great House from 22 p.m. to 4 a.m.

On Saturday 12 November the party continues with the "World Wide Love" which will take place on Sandy Island from 10h to 16h. You can dance to the sounds of Supernova from Italy, Kristel Morin from Australia, Patrice Gero from France, Jimmy Sax from St Barth, Nathan Barato from Canada and Spirits in Motion from New York!

Then head to "Dune Preserve" from 22pm to 4am where you will be entertained by Nathan Barato from Canada, Krave from New York, Kristel Morin from Australia, the Grimm brothers from South Africa and Yooshe from Anguilla! Sunday November 13th from 10am to 16pm, the fun continues with “Marooned,” the 2nd star of Beach Bash at Sandy Island! Enjoy Walshy Fire, featuring Major Lazer from Miami, Outkast from St Maarten, Krave from New York, Brothers Grimm from South Africa & Sugar from Anguilla. Finally, head for the "Sunrise" with Walshy Fire from Miami, Spirits in Motion from New York, Outkast from St Maarten and Blackboy International from Anguilla. Atmosphere guaranteed until dawn!  _AF

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