Fine and suspended prison for misuse of social property and theft


OH, an insurance broker, appeared on Thursday September 20 before the Saint-Martin criminal court for concealed work, abuse of property or credit of an LLC by a manager for personal gain, and theft from a warehouse location.

He was indeed accused of having hired without declaring her or having made her sign a contract, AP, the daughter of HP, her partner, for having credited 19 euros in thirteen checks to her personal account from the account of the company of which she was the manager, and to have taken the furniture from this company to put it in the premises of the one she was creating.

The court pronounced on Thursday October 18, the release of OH for concealed work. On the other hand, he declared her guilty on the other counts (abuse of social goods and theft in a warehouse) and sentenced her to four months suspended imprisonment as well as a 2000 euros fine.

The former partner of OH and his daughter were also dismissed from their request for a civil party.


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