Development of the natural spaces of Galion: the next phase of work scheduled for January 2022


The development of the bay of l'Embouchure and more precisely of the bay of Galion is a long-term project. Initiated by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin in 2018, just after the devastating passage of Hurricane Irma, funded by the Coastal Conservatory, the creation of a natural space open to the public and a leisure center for children is on track.

On Tuesday, October 19, an on-site visit was organized by Anne-Marie Bouillé of the Conservatoire du littoral, in the presence of President Daniel Gibbs, elected officials and the press, in order to present the current and future development phases. 

The first phase of work, carried out in 2020 and 2021, made it possible to clean the 18 hectares concerned by this land development, to restore degraded areas, to plant species endemic to the West Indies (350 trees planted) and to delimit with wooden blocks, the natural spaces around the beach to protect them from motor vehicles. The installation of new signage by the end of 2021, on the Galion and its history, will bring this first phase of development to a close.  

The second phase of work will begin in January 2022, it will consist of installing picnic huts in the first half of 2022, then a playground with volleyball courts, a pirate ship and other spaces for fun for children. Delivery early 2023. 

The collaboration between the Coastal Conservatory, owner of the premises, and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, manager of certain areas of the Conservatory, is bearing fruit and making it possible to achieve a development that is both useful to the population and to the preservation of the natural heritage. 

The cost of this development amounts to 1.670 €. It is an integral part of a global environmental policy, aimed at promoting the emergence of a more sustainable tourism development model. The landscaping of Galion is one of the first joint projects, other sectors will benefit from this COM / Conservatory partnership, in particular the ponds and mangroves which will be the subject of a protection and enhancement program.  

The next phase of work on the Galion site will therefore begin in 3 months with the installation of picnic huts. The arrangements chosen obey a logic of lightness, reversibility, quality and scalability. The natural aspect of the site is thus preserved and the public can take full advantage of it. 

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