Unemployment benefits: What is the right of option?


You have not exhausted all your rights to the return to work allowance (Are)? In the event of a new period of unemployment, it may be interesting to give it up if new rights open up an allowance to you at the higher amount. Explanations.

Resuming a professional activity previously meant the loss of rights to the return to work allowance (Are) - acquired before the period of unemployment. Since October 1, 2014, this allowance is paid until their exhaustion, under certain conditions. In practice, the oldest rights are used, then the most recent, until the beneficiary can no longer claim the Are.

This measure sometimes leads to receiving, in the first instance, an allowance at a lower amount than that to which the last period of employment gives entitlement. This is the case, for example, for young employees who worked odd jobs during their studies, but also for people who found a full-time job after several years of part-time work, or even for employees who experienced wage increases. important.

Also, since April 1, 2015, certain beneficiaries of the Are have the choice between two possibilities: to use all their rights (even if it means receiving at first a small amount allowance) or to renounce the oldest for, from the start , receive the indemnities corresponding to their most recent employment.

Reduction of the duration of compensation

The conditions for exercising this right of option are as follows: having resumed a salaried activity for at least four months, establishing an amount of allowance less than or equal to 20 euros or a difference of 30% between the amount of the allowance received and the one you could benefit from as a result of this new paid activity. In addition, an express request must be made to Pôle emploi.

If the right of option may seem attractive, the choice must be carefully considered. In fact, it automatically leads to a reduction in the duration of compensation and the total amount paid. Perhaps it is better to have acquired “new” rights which allow you to collect the Are over a long period, to be sure of finding a job before the exhaustion of your rights and to note a significant difference between the monthly amounts of the “ old "and" new "allowance. It's up to you, or turn to Pôle emploi to ask for advice!


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