Air Caraïbes launches its solidarity operation


"Daniel Gibbs, the president of the COM, told me that he would like the children of Saint Martin to have a gift for Christmas," said Olivier Besnard, director general of the regional pole of Air Caraïbes, Wednesday morning during of a press conference in Guadeloupe. The idea quickly germinated and the airline launched a solidarity operation to fulfill this wish. “Noël Solidaire, a gift plane for Saint-Martin” consists of delivering 3 gifts on December 000 for children.

"The gifts will be brought by a specific flight with Santa Claus and the elves on board," says Olivier Besnard.

Air Caraïbes will collect gifts in Martinique and Guadeloupe. For the moment 500 have already been collected. The beneficiary children were selected by associations in the neighborhoods and on December 20, they will come to Marigot to collect their present.

At the end of the distribution, a Nwel song will be offered to the population by the Guadeloupe group Cactus Show. "I want to warn the Saint Martin firefighters already to be alert because we are going to set fire!", Announces the leader of the group.

The event is part of the Christmas Serenade Festival organized by the tourist office and the community of Saint-Martin. The Orange partners are Semsamar, CEPAC-Caisse d'Epargne, France Antilles, DHL, the Belle Espérance association, Solid'Air Caraïbes and the Guadeloupe region. (Source:

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