MOBILITY AID: The COM and LADOM partners for the mobility of Saint-Martinois


President Louis Mussington recently met with the director of LADOM Guadeloupe, Kelly Guesde, as part of the installation of LADOM in the premises of the new local mission of Saint-Martin. 

The opening of the Local Mission, in the annex of the Collectivité (Evelina Halley building, rue de Hollande in Marigot), is a major step forward for the territory and its youth. In addition to supporting 16-25 year olds in terms of training and employment, the Local Mission plans to host a branch of the Overseas Agency for Mobility (LADOM). This structure so far installed in Guadeloupe, has decided to recruit 2 people in order to install a permanent presence on the territory and to support the mobility of Saint-Martinois. Fanelie Mesle, responsible for LADOM for the Northern Islands is working on this implementation which will be effective soon. 

As President Louis Mussington reminded us, “social action, in particular support for young people, is a priority for the term of office”.

 As part of the agreement signed on February 9, 2022 with LADOM, an envelope of €700 is made available by the Collectivity and its partners to serve people eligible for territorial mobility schemes. Job seekers are thus entitled to assistance from LADOM through aid for mobility, installation and accommodation. These additional aids are deployed to eligible job seekers based on social criteria (means test). 

LADOM also offers the territorial continuity assistance system for people with low resources. This aid is materialized by the payment of the plane ticket between the overseas territories and the hexagon. It is intended for people aged 18 and over. 

Inaugurated on Tuesday, May 10, the Local Mission of Saint-Martin will gradually take off by being part of sustained support for young people towards existing systems. The physical presence of partners such as LADOM facilitates the journey of people wishing to benefit from public mobility aid. 

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