Air: A strong smell of burning forces an Air France plane to land urgently on the Juliana runway!


Air France flight 498 on the Paris - Sint Maarten route with 142 passengers on board had to make an emergency landing on the Juliana runway last Sunday due to a strong smell of burning detected at the back of the cabin .

Mayday, Mayday! Before starting his final approach to Sint Maarten, the captain was forced to issue a distress signal to the control tower, due to a strong smell of burning coming from the rear of the cabin.

Finally, the plane landed gently on the tarmac at Juliana airport, thus avoiding a great fright for the 142 passengers who were able to return to the arrival hall with confidence.

Once all the usual checks had been carried out by Air France's maintenance teams, the Airbus A330 was cleared for take-off at 16:02 p.m. bound for Roissy Paris - Charles de Gaulle. The flight went very well! _AF

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