AIR: Blocked since Sunday, passengers on the KLM flight to Amsterdam should be able to leave this Wednesday March 1


The KLM Airbus A340 which experienced a nose wheel steering system malfunction twice on Sunday February 26 is still awaiting repair at Princess Juliana International Airport. Its 225 passengers and 11 crew members should be able to resume their flight on Wednesday March 1.

New parts for the front wheel steering system arrived on the island on Monday afternoon on board an Air France plane. The mechanics  of KLM and Air France were to solve the problem yesterday. Unless there is a last minute change, the Airbus A340 should leave Sint Maarten this Wednesday evening for Amsterdam.

Due to the malfunction of the nose wheel steering system, the aircraft is currently unable to perform turns on the tarmac at low speeds. After landing on Sunday afternoon, the system failed and the pilot was unable to steer the plane off the runway to the apron.

In fact, the 225 passengers and 11 crew members who were to board on Sunday evening to reach Amsterdam were forced to stay on the island for three nights. Airport manager Halley Aviation has arranged accommodation for non-residents among the affected passengers. _AF


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  1. Marion March 1, 2023 at 07:59 pm Reply

    According to the information we received yesterday, takeoff is scheduled for March 2.
    The crew that will bring the plane back is back from AMS today (because the original crew returned to AMS yesterday to avoid too much disruption to schedules).

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