SOCIAL ACTION: Installation of the Council for the Rights and Duties of Families


The Community of Saint-Martin, through its Prevention – Security Mission – CLSPD, set up, on Monday April 8, the Council for the Rights and Duties of Families.

The President, Louis Mussington chairs this body which will focus its efforts on helping parents through social and educational actions for families.

Led by the President of the Community, the CDDF's mission is to help and support families facing difficulties in the exercise of their parental authority. This major local prevention tool is a consultative decision-making body. It is also a place of listening and dialogue for families, and an opportunity for them to relearn their rights and duties as parents and to act on civic living together.

As underlined by President Louis Mussington, this is about supporting parents whose children are out of school, putting themselves in danger or causing trouble.

The CDDF collects the information, verifies it and then plays its pivotal role in local delinquency prevention policy.

The families concerned are contacted by the CDDF and a dialogue is initiated to hear their position on the one hand and to develop measures to help parents to try to resolve the difficulties encountered. Several solutions are then available to families. The intervention of professionals in medico-social action is requested by the CDDF to provide the best possible response.

This new local tool is a notable step forward for families who often find themselves helpless when faced with the difficulty of being parents. President Louis Mussington would like to salute the work carried out by the CLSPD Security Prevention Mission and invites families to use the social measures made available to them to support them.

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