ACS ZEPIN: A very dynamic association with local investment


From the height of its 21 years of existence, the Cultural and Sports Association Zone of Priority Education (ACS ZEPIN) works to promote artistic, cultural and sporting activities with children, adolescents, in schools, colleges and high school, as well as to adults in the area. She also works in the field of parenting education.

Composed of around thirty members, the new board of ACS ZEPIN was elected last July. The office is made up of President Xavier Mirre-Minori, who has been confirmed in his position, of Maud Minori-Mirre as vice-president and secretary, and of Shanaka David, treasurer.

At the start of this new year 2019-2020, the association made a very satisfactory assessment of the past year. Indeed, guided mountain hikes have been organized, as well as visits to historic sites for adults, but also for students of the SEGPA classes of the Mont des Accords college. The association was also involved and invested in the intervention of the soloist Soline Combe-Serre in schools, in order to introduce students to lyric singing, on a project by Valérie Siobud, pedagogical adviser in music education. ACS ZEPIN is also involved in the visual arts, with support for the project "In the footsteps of Joan Miró" set up by Céline Renger, pedagogical advisor in plastic arts. In terms of sports, the association has invested in the field of games of yesteryear, and recently by participating in the school sports day alongside the USEP.

The leaders organize demonstrations and activities which, with the contributions of the members, are the only means which allow the ACS ZEPIN to continue to promote actions near the young public Saint-Martin. Consequently, donations to support the various actions are welcome and, with the support provided by memberships, allow the association to continue to organize events and activities. Thus, the event of September 29, "Melting Art", introduced a large public to the art of the circus, to musical art with an introduction to the practice of the djembe, well-being, sport. and health with circuits training, but also aesthetics / beauty.

The association's next activity is a guided hike, which will take place on Sunday October 13. Subsequently, other guided tours of historic sites on the island, from 3000 BC to the present, will take place in November, the first philosophy café will be held in January 2020, followed in February by a cultural rally and sports, and the masked ball on the occasion of the association's 22nd anniversary in March 2020.

For any information, call 0690 36 96 20 or send an email to _RM

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