Fatal accident in the Savannah: 3rd referral ordered by the court


A third referral was ordered at the end of last week by the local court of Saint-Martin in the case of the road accident which occurred at the end of June 2019 in Savane which had caused the death of the two passengers of the two-wheeler .

The driver of the car, FR, was implicated and prosecuted for manslaughter. However, his lawyer as well as the civil parties had requested additional information because there was evidence that FR was in fact not the driver.

The case was still enlisted in November 2019 but his dismissal was easily recorded in view of the many gray areas that still remained to be clarified, precisely those around the identity of the driver. The court had ordered additional information and returned the case in June 2020. But the investigating judge had not proceeded to all the hearings, which had forced the court to postpone the case again, to March 18 2021.

Last Thursday, the trial did not take place and was postponed a third time, but new elements were provided by the prosecution. Following a judicial investigation that he opened, the prosecutor confirmed that two other individuals had made false statements at the beginning of the investigation and had been indicted, one of them would be the driver. However, the procedure is not yet complete. This is why the prosecutor asked for a referral of the case in order to allow the three protagonists to explain themselves together at the bar of the court.

The case was referred to September 16 to the local court of Saint-Martin. (soualigapost.com)

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