SWIMMING: Great success of the mid-season competition at SXM Natation


As every year, the mid-season swimming competition took place at the SXM Swimming pool, located behind GymFit in Hope Estate.

Last Wednesday March 6 and Saturday March 9, 90 children from the SXM Natation swimming school aged 4 ½ to 14 years competed in three events: 1 swimming event, 1 dynamic apnea event and a diving event. Many families were present to encourage their young protégé in a beautiful, warm and sporting atmosphere.

 Please note that the next competition will take place on Wednesday June 5 and Saturday June 8, 2024.


Competition results 4 ½ years – 5 ½ years:

 25m breaststroke with board:

1st: Emile Crochemore 1'06

2nd: Joy Dussol 1'16

3rd: Gaspard Antonazzo 1'17


1st: Esmée Henry 12,50m

2nd: Emile Crochemore 12m

3rd: Emile Cocks 7,60m


1st: Jade Benjamin

2nd: Gaspard Antonazzo

3rd: Esmée Henry

Overall winner: Henry Esme


Competition results

5 ½ years  – 6 ½ years:

25m breaststroke:

1st: Mathias Decluseau: 0'39

2nd: Artemisa Bustillo: 0'40

3rd: Nora Pigeon: 0'41

Dynamic apnea:

1st: Artémisia Bustillo: 24m

2nd: Evan Figure: 12,50m

3rd: Apolline Guillou: 12,30m


1st: Artemisia Bustillo

2nd: Nora Pigeon

3rd: Mathias Decluseau

Overall winner: Artemisia Bustillo


Competition results 6 ½ years – 7 ½ years:

50m breaststroke:

1st: Axel Penalosa 1'12

2nd: Ima Gomes 1'14

3rd: Gabriele De Francesco 1'45

Dynamic apnea:

1st: Lisandro Sainval 17m

2nd: Axel Penalosa 14,40m

3rd: Ayana Ymanette 13,70m


1st: Lisandro Sainval

2nd: Ima Gomes

3rd: Axel Penalosa


Overall winner: Axel Penalosa

Competition results 7 ½ years – 9 ½ years:

 100m breaststroke:

1st: Lucas Daviaud: 2'20

2nd: Emma Varriot: 2'22

3rd: Charlotte Cheriaux: 2'23

Dynamic apnea:

1st: Tom Melloul 30m

2nd: Apolline Fayard 25m

3rd: Erwen Henry 24,50m


1st: Emma Varriot

2nd: Apolline Fayard

3rd: Charlotte Cheriaux

Overall winner: Tom Melloul


Competition results 9 ½ years – 11 1/2 years:

100m breaststroke:

1st: Ruben Tanchon 2'14

2nd: Isaac Deneuf Germain 2'16

3rd: Anna Poignot 2'22

100m crawl:

1st: Anna Poignot 1'54

2nd: Ruben Tanchon 1'55

3rd: Isaac Deneuf Germain 2'00


1st: Anna Poignot 26,40m

2nd: Isaac Denuef Germain 24,50m

3rd: Venjy Michel 24m

Overall winner: Anna Poignot


Competition results 11 ½ – 14 years:

100m breaststroke:

1st: Elia Sempé 1'47

2nd: Tya Joubert 2'09

3rd: Norlan Edouard 2'14

100m crawl:

1st: Tya Joubert 1'48

2nd: Elia Sempé 1'50

3rd: Norlan Edouard 2'22

Dynamic apnea:

1st: Tya Joubert 27m

2nd: Laurianne Pierre 24m

3rd: Norlan Edouard 19m

Overall winner: Tya Joubert


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