POLITICS: Jean-François Carenco, Minister Delegate for Overseas Territories, was back in Saint-Martin on Monday after spending Sunday in Saint-Barthélemy.


Summary of this second day of official visit to our territory.

The program was as sustained as that of last Saturday. Still accompanied by Vincent Berton, Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands, and Louis Mussington, President of the Collectivité, the Minister Delegate began the morning at the Hôtel de la Collectivité where three long discussions took place.


Republican welcome at the Hotel of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin

A bilateral meeting was first held behind closed doors in the President's office in the presence of the Minister and Vice-President Alain Richardson on the theme of economic development. A broader exchange was then coordinated in the executive council room with the parliamentarians, excluding the press. Several priority issues were addressed: training, land use planning, the reform of the RSA and its dematerialization, taxation, urban renewal, the deployment of bilingual education, land and public procurement. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin is requesting a total of 257 million euros in funding for, among other things, a public lighting network, a road network development plan, sports and educational infrastructure, the development of the airport and waste management which includes the collection of Sargassum. At the end of these two moments of exchange, a third meeting took place this time in the room of the Territorial Council in the presence of all the elected officials, again without the press. The themes of the structuring of the agriculture and fishing sector as well as the limitation of fishing waters, the consumption of European funds, the situation of hospital workers suspended because they have not been vaccinated, the tax convention and the rule of 5 years of residence, have been discussed with the minister. President Louis Mussington insisted on the necessary support from the State in order to help Saint-Martin develop certain sectors. On each subject, the minister was open to requests from the Collectivity, insisting on the need to put an action plan in place in order to be able to move forward jointly, project by project. 


Lunch at the school Professional Daniella Jeffry

After a visit to the EDF power plant in Galisbay, which was particularly appreciated by the Delegate Minister for Overseas Territories for having been the President of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) from 2017 to 2022 with the aim of greening energy, a lunch was concocted for the delegation to the Professional High School Daniella Jeffry for the students of the hotel section. Before sitting down to eat, a moving tribute in three languages ​​(French, English, Spanish) was paid to Samuel Pay, assassinated on October 16, 2020. The time of meditation was followed by an ode to freedom with the famous poem by Paul Eluard. A strong moment offered by students who deserve admiration and respect and which aroused deep emotion for Minister Carenco: "Exceptional tribute, it was to cry, it's my story, I won't say more." The officials then took their places in the dining room for a working lunch on the teaching and training of young people with the rector of Guadeloupe, the vice-rector, the president of the Local Mission and its director and the head of the Pole Use. What a great opportunity for these young people to cook and serve such a prestigious table. The menu was geared towards Spanish cuisine which appealed to the politician's taste buds. By way of dessert, the Minister Delegate for Overseas France visited the carpentry workshop, discussing with the young people hard at work and the teaching staff. 


Press briefing 

A tight microphone with the local press took place following this meeting. During the latter, Jean-François Carenco praised the good functioning of an establishment like the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry even if it requires a renovation of the building, a fact underlined by Louis Mussington. Concerning the education file, the Minister recalls the importance of the construction of colleges 600 and 900 and wishes to reflect on the situation of school children whose mother tongue is not French for better acclimatization. On the housing side, an agreement will soon be established between the Collectivity, the State, Semsamar and Action Logement. And finally, good news on a file that had been dragging on for many years, the slaughterhouse: “it was signed shortly before my arrival. Veterinary authorization has been issued and the first slaughter will take place this week” announces Jean-François Carenco with confirmation from Vincent Berton.


Local Mission of Saint-Martin

The Minister Delegate met the Mission Locale team, open since May 2022 and the latest addition to the family of local missions in France. There he met young people in integration who will soon join the army, the RSMA being the majority recruiter with a success rate of 70%. Since its creation, La Mission Locale de Saint-Martin directed by Maggy Gumbs has made it possible to offer 750 young people in the area qualifying training leading them to employment. An exchange between the actors of the Local Mission and the officials continued in order to discuss means of reaching out to the 2000 young Saint-Martin residents who are not in the training or employment circuit and to help the support for young companies.


Saint-Martin Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Concordia

To conclude this day, Minister Delegate Carenco met with socio-professionals. Many themes were raised by the assembly: support for Saint-Martin businesses, the need to review public procurement in favor of allotment with a clause for the promotion of local employment, hotel tax exemption, territorial continuity and the development of the cultural sector, of which this subject is one of the concerns of Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior and Overseas.

Summary of the last day of official visit of Minister Delegate Jean-François Carenco in our next edition.  _Vx

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