517 companies created and 250 struck off in Saint-Martin from Irma


Between September 7, 2017 and July 30, 2018, the Chamber of Trades, which mainly concerns artisans, recorded 274 business creations and 67 write-offs. Unsurprisingly, it is mainly construction companies that have been created.

“We have waged a major campaign since the cyclone to tell people who came to work in Saint-Martin that it was important to create a secondary establishment there or to register here so as to participate in the economy and the Taxation of the Island ”indicates Angèle Dormoy, President of the CCISM.

Over the same period, the Chamber of Commerce, which mainly concerns small stores, recorded 243 creations and 183 write-offs. "A lot of street vendors have been created," she says, adding that the CCISM will communicate the details later.

But the most important element of the statistics is the changes. The chamber of trades has 131, and that of commerce 400. "Often these are dormant," she explains. In other words, these are companies whose managers have decided to stop the activity for a certain time while waiting for a recovery for a maximum of two years.

“Today there are a little more than 7000 partly French companies” continues Angèle Dormoy. A number which tends to be refined in the coming months. “We are currently working on the number of active companies since the cyclone. We will send our teams to the field to verify company by company. It will take three or four months, ”she announces. Indeed, if some have officially put their activity on hold, others are still recorded but left, leaving everything in the air. “There are some who have completely disappeared. We don't even know where they are. Today, apart from contacting them to ask them what they intend to do, nothing can be done until the company itself has made the change, ”confides the president of the CCISM. The CCISM would like to have visibility by the end of the year on the exact number of companies active in the territory. Not only to forecast its budget - which comes, among other things, from the transfer by the COM of part of the taxes collected from businesses. But also to establish the real activity of the territory which will allow the CCISM to set up training, assistance ...

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