50 geometric steps: Local residents denounce the sale price too high


During the second public meeting organized in Quartier d'Orléans by the prefecture as part of the revision of the natural risk prevention plan (PPRN), several residents denounced "the sale price at 40 euros per square meter", price which they consider too high. Several times during the public meeting, they demanded that the sale be made in the symbolic euro; an impossible condition according to the prefect and the president of the COM.

Daniel Gibbs explained that the base price is set by France Domaine and that the community cannot deviate from it. Guillaume Arnell, former vice-president of the COM and senator, however noted that the Collectivity had departed from this rule, by acquiring the land necessary for the extension of the runway at Grand Case airport, at 107 euros on square meter while France Domaine had estimated the price at 50 euros per square meter. "Yes, but you could have been subject to seizure under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure," replied Daniel Gibbs.

And if the COM sold the plots to residents at a very low price, Daniel Gibbs said he was convinced that he would be “accused of favoritism”. He considers that today ceding land to the symbolic euro would not be fair to the Saint-Martinois who have already acquired a plot.

In Saint-Martin, the price of land located within 50 geometric steps was set by the executive council in April 2015 at 33 euros per square meter. Elected officials increased the price by 30% for land located by the sea, bringing it to 42,90 euros per square meter. (soualigapost.com)

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