200 kilos of waste collected by the Clean St Martin association in Grand-Case


For its monthly clean-up in April, the eco-citizen association for the protection of the environment tackled the pebble beach at the end of Grand-Case. A real event that has become a must for many, this April 16 event brought together 24 participants who worked to clean up the site in joy and good humor.

“The waste that we have collected is exclusively waste rejected by the sea because the currents deposit the floating waste there towards this coast” confides Audrey Barbès of the association Clean St Martin. If the waste was rejected by the sea, it is good to specify that it is also waste which was certainly used not far from there: cups and disposable containers, straws, packaging, cutlery, sachets, labels, caps, polystyrene. The Clean St Martin association, created in 2018, calls on the Saint-Martin population to change their consumption habits by using reusable objects to reduce this unnecessary pollution. Leaving from the meeting point at the Grand-Case cemetery at 8:30 a.m. last Sunday, the 24 volunteers set about cleaning up the plot on the left at the end of the beach, not hesitating to get wet to carry out their mission. . The pebble beach was in any case immaculate after the passage of the Sunday cleaners. As tradition dictates, after the effort, the comfort: the whole team met, in all benevolence, around a refreshment in order to exchange their feelings and their experience between the regulars and the newcomers. The next cleaning operation of the Clean St Martin association will take place during the month of May. In the meantime, for those who wish to follow the work of the Clean St Martin association, it is now available on Instagram: asso_clean_st_martin. Congratulations again to the team for their continued contribution to protecting the environment and keeping the beaches of Saint-Martin clean. _VX

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