11th edition of European Vaccination Week 


European Vaccination Week (#SEV) is a time of mobilization and actions to promote vaccination and increase vaccine coverage in Guadeloupe. To bring this event to life, a large number of actors and partners mobilize each year in our department. 

On this occasion, a wide variety of actions are organized: exhibitions, public information sessions, conferences, games, events, free vaccination sessions, open houses, training for professionals, etc.

Vaccination Week is an opportunity to publicize the vaccination calendar and for everyone to find out about their vaccinations: what are the diseases against which I am vaccinated? Am I up to date with my vaccines? Which vaccines require a booster?

The Week can lead everyone to think about having their health record or vaccination record checked by their doctor, pharmacist, midwife… and update it if necessary, according to the vaccination schedule in force.

Vaccination Week is an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe since 2005. It now takes place simultaneously in more than 200 countries around the world and has the following objectives:

- to remind the population that vaccination is the best protection against certain infectious diseases, and that it is important to be vaccinated and to update your vaccinations

- improve vaccination coverage by strengthening awareness of vaccination among the public, health professionals, public authorities and the media.

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