1 euros fine for treating a man "dirty Haitian"


When leaving an evening at Orient Bay, HM insults the security officer because the latter does not authorize him to use the main traffic lane in accordance with site regulations. "Dirty Haitian, dirty black, you are a donkey, you will continue to work all your life for 1200 euros per month. Go die at home, ”he says.

At the court before which he was summoned yesterday, he declared: "Everyone knows me * and knows that I have chastised language. I was angry, "he defends himself. "I'm a soccer fan. If I had treated him as *** of Marseillais I would be in front of you too? "

The security guard joined as a civil party but did not claim damages. He just wanted an apology, which he got. HM was nevertheless sentenced by the court to a fine of 1000 euros. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

* He is marketing director on the Dutch side and was fifth on a list in the territorial elections last March.

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